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“A Walk Down Memory Lane”


I have vivid memories of me as a child before we actually migrated to Riviera Beach Florida, where my Mother and I last resided. But I can remember small things like my Mother and I’s favorite game was “Match” a card game invented God knows when, but we actually had fun playing it, we stayed on 7th Street downtown during this period of time. Life seemed pretty easy going, maybe because I was a young child, and I didn’t have to worry about much of anything back then, but from just remembering what I can here and there, life was a breeze.


I also remember that there used to be a Circus that came to town back then, I can vividly recall one night my Mother calling me to the living room and I’m 4 years old maybe, I remember a vision of the Circus Animals coming down the street.. It’s a vision that’s been stuck in my head for quite a long time, out of all of my younger day’s visions I seemed to grasp this one the clearest. The strangest things always amused me for as long as I can remember. I guess you can consider me weird since adolescence.


My memory of those time and days are all in snippets, but my life was so simple back then. There was only my Mother and I to worry about in life, so it wasn’t too hard to deal with I guess, and my mother was loved by so many people, as far as us being accepted by our neighbors, that was no problem at all if we got into a situation or two. But acceptance wasn’t really a big worry with my Mom, because she was always an independent woman, doing what ever that she had to do to realize what ever that she believed in. I miss her.


To Be Continued next Monday…


My Life, My Joy, My Pain… The Autobiography


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