I Care...

“I Care”


Who cares that I care, what’s there to compare to this love that I bear, when will time play fair, and allow this licked wound to heal that I got from the snare of despair, haven’t I paid my fare, haven’t enough interest been paid from my hard earned shares, as I sit on this chair, baring this cold stare, all I can hear is echoes of your laughter and the smell of your skin in the air, O Lord what a pair, on course we were inseparable like coarse locked hair, how dreadful, that You allowed the opposer to touch us there, your legions couldn’t stop the engine of our train, so you got us off track and derailed, leaving something so detailed and fruitful as Love naked and barron, did I mentioned that I wouldn’t have gone anywhere, and that I’m still here, thinking of the past is like staring in a mirror from afar that you wish could come near, plus your reflection is smeared, look dear, how can I make all of this clear, do you care that I care. Selah
A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.
“I Care” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved



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