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“My Hustling Monuments”


Now my dad is a hustler and he is going to get what he needs anyway possible, which he got from my Grandfather Theodore Saffold Sr. in his days he was truly a pioneer, one of the only black man in Palm Beach County with his own business in the 1960’s. He was a very smart and powerful man, but like most men with money he had a hail storm of females, which became his downfall they often say, he go caught up taking care of this chick and that chick till he got overwhelmed and things start to spiral out of control.


Overall he always took care of home, my dad and his siblings had brand-new cars in their days as early as high school. Truthfully all my Uncles own their own businesses till this day, they’re all very independent, all because of the teachings and instructions passed down from my grandfather Saffold Sr., even though I hear that he was tough as hell. My aunts all own their own homes, so I guess they were blessed to have a good up bringing around a strong black male figure.


I didn’t really get to meet my Grandfather Daniel Sephes Sr. on my mother’s side till I was maybe 11 years old. He was a roofer and pretty good one in his days. Helping rebuild Miami house for house after Hurricane Andrew. He wasn’t as successful as my other Grandfather Theodore Saffold Sr. but he tried his best and held his own in his own right, so it was all good on his end. Later on you will read more in detail on them both. I want to thank them for the work ethic and strong business minded influences that they left behind with us all, specially with myself. Thank You.


To Be Continued next Monday…


My Life, My Joy, My Pain… The Autobiography


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