It was a regular day in the heavenly neighborhood, and satan was going to and fro, then God asked him, yo what’s the deal, you’re good, all pun intended, if you could you would, all the hosts of heaven bust out laughing at the jokey joke, even Jesus laughed till he wept, all on the floor He blurted Abba you’re a fool, why you messing with that dude, but satan took it as a low-blow and thought God was being fuel, so he got hot and challenged Yahweh to a duel, Pip he says, used to be hard headed and stubborn like mule, now he’s practically one with You Allahu, if You take away his tools and get him out his groove, what do You want to bet that he’ll curse and renounce his love for You too, God being God saw through the devil and told him no sequels, we already did that with Job and he stayed true, either way you would lose, besides, Pip is just as spiritual, he just wrote Me a public letter out the blue, about a week ago or two, to say hey Abba, I’m just saying thank you, he’s writing about me now, I don’t even care that the piece is no good, that dude is still too special to me to be intentionally cruel to, even tho he got dirt underneath his cuticle, unlike his predecessors he’s not acting delusional, he knows communicating with Me about it every minute of the day is so critical, well thank you God that was beautiful, and, Jah I can’t hide nothing from You anywho, to be truly free I have to open my mouth and confess the truth, now run along you devil and find something new to do with your old tricks, your desperation is pitiful. Selah



A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.



“Pitiful” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved



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