Unexpected Convo With God

“Unexpected Convo With God”



You haunt me, what is it about you, it’s mind boggling after all this time that I can still vividly dream about thee like it was yesterday, just to wake up flustered realizing that it was just another spoof, it’s old news, truth be told we’ve both been equally aloof, where am I pulling this information from Holmes, it’s not yet evident I’m searching for more proof, in the mean time can I stop it from looping in my hard drive, even if you was still interested I wouldn’t, that’s why I’ve uninstalled your software programs, strengthen my filters deleted all of my spams, formatted my RAM, changed my operating system, upgraded all my equipment, I don’t even look the same, I even changed my shell casing, but I can’t change my motherboard though this is insane, can it be clustered memories etched into my mainframe, ghost love, you’re refusing all my deletions are you tied into my soul or something, why do you continuously maintain, in desperation I cast my crown and fell unto my knees, and made a plea, God, you’re The Architect that built this brain, let’s have that talk my King of Kings, tell me the raw truth if I can bare it, please I’m all ears, I’ll listen, seems like my spirit is just complying with my fantasies, this thing, this phenomenon I can’t even explain, could it have truly been that special… “Son, some things are just what they are, yes, she’s exceptional, but so are you, those thoughts that you’re trying to process and decipher can’t be done in the physical, tell Sherlock to stop looking for that clue, you’ll connection is spiritual, yes, you’ll have history, experience is the best teacher, I have to use tools as I see fit to keep reminding you to do better, but you also have a future, focus on getting from hither to thither, use My present gift looking forward to your next adventure, you have an eternity to look at your full motion picture, in the mean time…” God, God, Abba? in the mean time what exactly, Yahweh? Yep, HE hung up on me, I was just in the midst of  Marveling, bamm, surprised, shocked and awe that HE had even spoken back to me so instantaneously, then with tears and conviction I realize that “in the mean time” was the sublime meaning to live life, all that we have for sure is in the mean time, yesterday’s gone, tomorrow isn’t promised, the mean time that you’re in right now is it, nothing else is guaranteed. Selah



A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.



“Unexpected Convo With God” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved


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