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“The Wonder Years”


I was born December 30, 1983 in West Palm Beach Florida, Saint Mary’s Hospital to be exact. At times I wish as a baby that we can remember those first moments of our lives, because I’m curious about a lot of things that I will never know about in my wonder years. My mother was young when she had me, 17 I believe, but she didn’t let it get her down, she was there as a mother for me and my other two siblings.


Growing up I had many vivid memories, from the good to the bad, but my mother never really allowed me see her struggle. As a kid I was very spoiled, not in a vain financial way, but more in a heart felt way. Anything I wanted, my Mother did the best that she could at making sure that I received it when she go it.


During my younger years, we stayed Downtown West Palm Beach. My mom was a nice laid back type of lady, but a very fun and spontaneous woman at the same times. People loved to be around her. She used to party with my aunts a lot, but it was innocent fun. Me, my little brother and sister was very well taken cared of, she worked hard for it, so it was well deserving I guess.


My mother had a few friends or relationships rather through out my younger years. She never brought anyone around us like that, but I do remember a couple male friends of hers, to be honest, they all respected her during their given time of association. I never got chastised by any of them. When it came to me or any of her kids she didn’t play about us. But with each relationship that I remembered her being involved in back then was cool.. I mean she was happy and most of all they were non abusive guys.


Truth be told no-one ever hit my mother and I really thank God that her choice of men was good on that part at least. Getting to know my mother, especially being involved with her intimately, you would truly get a chance to know her as the beautiful woman that she was inside and out, I really don’t think that her spirit would give off the type of vibes to make you want to harm her, no matter how you knew her.


To Be Continued next Monday…


My Life, My Joy, My Pain… The Autobiography


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