Visions of me flipping in a vehicle driven by I
Did I miscalculate or is this fate
Take a deep breathe to the calm panic
No English cursing in Spanish
In the midst of havoc praying I make it back to my baby girl
Looking for certainty in this maybe world
Glimpses in slow motion reaching for the key in hopes of preventing an explosion trust I’m hot enough I can do without that hoping my guardian Angel lead me away unscathed
Why did I race this punk? Why ask why I’m already doing stunts
Should have took the high road
Lord please save your child
And I promise to not ask for help for a while
And, I awaken…


A: Poetic Thought By: Ronald T.


“Shaken” Is A Poetic Thought by: Ronald Thompson © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.




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