Scorn or Be Scorned

“Scorn or Be Scorned”



Ok, if that’s it, then that’s it, if you’re done then I’m done, you got up to leave, I grabbed your leg and pulled you back down on your bum, come on we’re acting dumb, you know I didn’t mean that hon, lately you can never seem to take the time to put on my Google glasses to search and see where I’m coming from, my dear, every time we disagree you’re ready to spread your cape drop a smoke bomb and disappear, if it’s somebody else just say it keep it real, I love you but you know I don’t operate and navigate out of fear, I’m trying to get us there in one piece, will you just let me steer this ship in peace, allow me to make one thing clear, I hate to see you cry the water underneath this pier, if I ain’t catching you then let me know where to fish, what is it, just say it, those things on the side of my head was made to hear, if I was Professor Xavier I’d gladly read your mind and shift things in the right gears, we were the best of pals loved each other as peers, you knew I was an @#$hole when we met babe, ain’t nothing changed but our title and the years, you used to talk to me about anything like the bartender in Cheers, I’d just stand there for hours lending you my ear, now you’re ready to drive off and put it all in your rear, drop the bag chill why are you so vexed, I was just kidding about Professor X, you won’t even look at me what’s next, you’re super tense I’m sensing that the end is near, the slightest jest gets you upset foaming like a beer, why can’t you believe that you are the center of my sphere, I don’t know what else to say my Queen, if you leave right now baby I’ll be calmly seated right here, all I have left is my shield and my horn, how ironic that I traded my spear so that our love could be born, now it’s in your hand and you’re swinging for my dome, talking bout you’re moving on, what a King to do but sit there on his throne, analyzing what went wrong as you hit the door and roam, up until that first moment alone, I would’ve given you my strength for you to remain strong, my last breath for you to stay and not be sent home, you were the flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, bone of my bones, now I’m the King of Sorrow back in the jungle dropping crocodile tears while Sade sing her song in my headphones, Love don’t love We no more it’s I for an I, scorn or be scorned. Selah



A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.



“Scorn or Be Scorned” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved



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