SMH... Part 1


The night was young and I was home alone

Nobody on my Facebook, Instagram, twitter or telephone ….. smh

I started to watch T.V, nothing interest me

I tried reading a book, I began to fall asleep

nothing kept my attention for more than …… one minute

I settled into my thoughts and my mind began to roll back like Walmart prices …… damn, I began to replay old faces and vices from my twilight, I should be thinking twice BUT…..when boredom strike everything that is so wrong began to feel so right.

Now I’m thinking to text a “use to be” …… harmless, it seems.

Unexpectedly he replied suddenly and I was instantly taken aback, I began to remember how he touched me, comforted me, listened to me ….attentively.

Now I’m feeling like ….. Fuck because he’s a use to be, I’m lonely and I’m longing to have his body next to me, I’m longing for his company….his conversation, his relation.

“What’s up?” I replied

“I miss you” ……I lied……smh

As I anticipated his rebuttal, I decided my ensemble …… I concluded sexiness.

“I want you” is how he came

Now I’m doing 95 in a 65 MPH highway lane…..smh

I arrived expeditiously hoping to escape any thoughts of regret of what I was about to do, hoping to forget my reality and outlive my fantasy, if that makes any sense to you….

He welcomed me with a kiss so sweet and a hug so gentle….just as I remembered.

Short words, intense affection…… a perfect gentlemen.

My mind should be on my reality but instead ..…my mind is in his bed, my hands are gripping his head as he tongue-fucked my love below.

I am….too far gone to look back now….. smh

He looked at me as if I was a dream come true, and by this time I was about to climax….number two.

Maybe I shouldn’t have come here, there is no love here, but it seems as though he did not care and neither did I…… at this point….”Love” was not the destination, at this point satisfaction and lust making was the only thing in the making …..and I was okay with that……. Smh…

To Be Continued… That was just the Beginning…

A: Poetic Thought By: Rosalind E.

“SMH…” Is A Poetic Thought Written By: Rosalind Edwards © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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6 Responses to SMH… Part 1

  1. Marvelous Artz

    This is very captivating everytime i read it it..
    I’m anticipating the continuence…I think we all are

  2. Keisha Jackson

    Im ready for more!!!

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