Just LIVE!

“Just LIVE!”

Advance! Take a chance, the present of a Present Life is not something to waste on small details of this and that feeling, mind your mind, stop switching it every 60 seconds, your blessings will never come without its equal parts of unwanted circumstances, take a stance, you see that yellow dot in the sky, Life is going live Just LIVE, what is your gift my Queens and Kings, do you have a plan, today put your thoughts aside for a second to unwrap your brain, get it out of that box toss that cellophane, what do you see, take a glance, just go do it! don’t waste time staring and contemplating, you’ll always be all that you need in Life to get by, you’ve been ordained, Life will take you exactly where you need to go with the wind in your sails and the strong current underneath your situation, don’t do it alone, take a friend, let Life reign, don’t try to indulge in trying to grab its reins, specially since you don’t know for certain where you’re going, how you got here and where you came from, you’re on the greatest adventure ever recorded by Mankind, it’s called History, a man’s Lifespan, there haven’t been another recorded any where else in this massive Universe Past or Present, everyone here records just one, where have you gone since you’ve been born, what have you done, what are you doing, Life’s been teaching you some things, are you learning its lessons?, sigh, so take your hands off the wheel, put down them reins, raise your sails, put those oars aside and enjoy the ride before it ends, Just LIVE! Selah

A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.

“Just LIVE!” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved


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