Grab Me

“Grab Me”


Grab me, hold me, don’t let go

Take control because I’m losing control

A lonely soul

Stuck on this road

Done lost focus

Fell into a zone

Where everything seem hopeless

So I’m smoking on this good green turf

Some days the earth seem worst

At times I chose to cock it and burst

But it won’t keep the pain up off of my chest

Might be because I’m blessed

Because I know I was posed to been put to rest

So I guess

Yahweh gotta plan for me

That’s why He gave me this pencil & paper

Told me take you on a journey

through my life struggles

Being raised by G’s & C’s

Dope fiends & thieves

In Rawviera that’s he I was its breed

Taught to stay heated


By police & the government

Plus they loving the fact

That I was born with less

Why did I have to be born in this

rotten mess

They causing me stress

Lord is this some type test

Let me know if I’m passing or failing

Headed for heaven or hell

I swear, I don’t wanna be here no mo’

I’m ready to go

Just take my soul

And send me where my brother at

But wait……..grab me


A: Poetic Thought By: Yow’ab.


“Grab Me” Is A Poetic Thought by: Yow’ab Ben-Yahweh © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.


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