M&Ms Part. 6

Today start an official 7 day week of the year which makes this the first official Monday. Let’s start this year off official with a bang.. Make this week a defining week for the year and if that’s going to happen, it got to start today.. Monday January 6th 2014 if you’re jobless, start your year off in search of 1. Lacking love, start searching today, just make sure that you search for it in the right places, but don’t rush… You own a business reach for more and bigger goals and if you’re at your job or school, let all the B.S. from last year and last week go away with last year. Squash any beef and concentrate on what and who around you will benefit your vibe with those people, but still respect the ones that don’t agree with you and keep your distance from them. Just Do you! Stay motivated…


Be Ye motivated this Last Monday of 2013!



Motivated Mondays! M&Ms “Melt in your Thoughts, not in your hands!”


This weeks’ M&M was sponsored By: PBVI Nursing School