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I'm Sleep Tho! Part. 25



Huh…???!!! Hiberwake…???


King..!!!? WTH is Hiberwake!!!??? Smh For real for real!!! You’re out of control, I’ve had about enough of your nonsense! Talm’bout Hiberwake…


Aight… Fine, suite yourself, I’ll just Hiberwake in my own, it’s 40 bellow by me, I ain’t losing no Sleep…


Ok fine! Fine King!! Fine… Spill it… What the heck is Hiberwake!???


That’s your problem, you heard what I said, but you didn’t listen, so you can’t see it in plain, because you lack Vision, the main difference between you and I… Is that; in the morning,

You Wake up…

I Wake in…


Knowing the difference between the 2 is the main reason why we’re different.


This will probably go over your head, but oh well, you’re probably one of those Vamp life people screaming “Team No Sleep” like it’s cool to not rest! Smh FOH, serve your purpose… I’m Sleep Tho! -Pip! ZzzZzzz…


The ZzzZzzz… was Brought to you By: Frank Electronics



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