My Birthday (The Sequel)

“My Birthday” (The Sequel)



Yea this is the sequel

So wake up, pay attention people

Today is My Day!!!

Marvel’s is 3 days gone so……

I’m going to hit you with this sequel……



We the first and the last 31 days

of the year

But today I share my 31 years of living

31 years of giving

31 years of getting it

Moment of silence please……..

Happy Birthday Me!!!

Happy Birthday Me!!!

Pray that many more I’ll see

But I just wanna chill with my son

And tell him bout my life

The do’s, don’t; the wrongs & the right

The secrets of life beyond the seen

Happy Birthday Me!!!

Happy Birthday Me!!!

Yea I been here since ’83

Yes I’m 31

3 entities in the sequence of 1

So yea Happy Birthday Me!!!

Happy Birthday Me!!!!


A: Poetic Thought By: Yow’ab.



“My Birthday” (The Sequel) Is A Poetic Thought by: Yow’ab Ben-Yahweh © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.



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One Response to My Birthday (The Sequel)

  1. King Pip!

    Merry Birthday King! 31 years or Weird… Wish you many more Strange days Mayute!! #ZzzzZzzzz…