Tell Me

“Tell Me…”



Tell me you love me; I need to hear it.
Rolling off the tip of your tongue, my ears desire; is to caress it.
Tell me how beautiful you think I am; because my insecurities just wouldn’t let me acknowledge it.
In a world full of sensory exhibits; of the mold I should fit in; remind me what your eyes behold; is what matters ultimately, what your heart sees in me; cannot be masked by a makeup kit.


Tell me how perfect my imperfections are, How corny but cute my jokes are; when I cluelessly miss the punch line, yet heartily laugh without care.
Tell me you love that I dance to the rhythm of my own drum, although off kilter to those beats at times.
Tell me that you love; that I love you without shame, care or fear of rejection.


In a room filled with deafening chatter, I quietly await that moment, when you tell me you love me, in all my complexities.


Tell me you love me, I need to hear it….



Tell Me… Was written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Musiqplug 2013, All Rights Reserved.


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