If you don’t throw any sticks
I won’t throw no stones
then either one of us won’t break a bone
in time we can even break corn
simple people will simply hate if your mind stay on point like an out of space cone head
the path to success is lonesome if you wish to stay alive instead
peep my tilted crown if it falls I don’t care
I’ll still be king
before you get salted like cod
here’s a free lesson
love GOD
trust no one that don’t love HIM
every man has their Judas
could be the one next to you drinking in the same cup as you
probably heading to your home to toke on your canibus
my Brutus might be reading this
they might even like or re-tweet it quick
thinking that their enviousness isn’t obvious
good thing every man also has their Jesus
and He already died and resurrected my G
you ain’t gone peacefully crucify me
on site
I’ll give you hell for my Bill of Rights
before Heaven call me home from this shell and set my soul free
it’s either I or thee
give me death or leave me alone in my Liberty… Selah


A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.


“Liberty…” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2013, All Rights Reserved



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