I'm Sleep Tho! Part. 22




What are Purchases…? Purchases are exchanges made for substance with substance, there’s only 2 types


Well, what are 2 types of Purchases king…!!!? Well if you give me a sec I’ll explain! Yikes…


There’s only 2 types of purchases in this world, and one BIG FAT straight bold line between the two… There are Leases or Deeds, Rent or Own, Dating or Marriage, Street Hustle or Incorporation… See where I’m going with this… Now, that line only gets blurry without education and wisdom. You can’t own nothing tangible in your life and maintain it until you own your own thoughts, feelings and perspective…..


This will probably go over your head, but oh well, you’re probably leasing something as we speak, because you just can’t get your mind out your feelings, making the owner of your thoughts and emotions very wealthy, serve your purpose…. I’m Sleep Tho! -Pip! ZzzZzzz…


The ZzzZzzz… was Brought to you By: PBVI Institute



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