Shell of A Man

“Shell of A Man…”



Oh Ye shell of a man, what shall I do to maintain circulating in thee passed the very second I’m summoned to return back to the 4 corners of my keeping, what shall I say to my Keeper, what kind of plea can be made to refrain and retract direct Words spoken by the Alpha Speaker, shall my galvanizing disposition move Him discreetly to the point where I myself won’t lose my purpose for trying to pose as an Esquire amongst the ancient pillars of the wise bearers of His architecture, shall it be because thy art a faithful believer that He should be assuaged by my tardiness to whirl back to my recycling post, and await patiently for my next assigning host, would He for once make exceptions and disregard that my actions to disobey direct orders aren’t boastful against Him, oh Ye shall of a man, why hath He even made thee in His image then placed thee above all the hosts of Angels, and yet designed thy temple to be so fragile, alas, as thy art finally accepting that I can not break, bend nor reshape the rules and stay with in thee any longer, thy thoughts begin to align with our Creator and every shorter pull of me becomes more peaceful, the Veil has torn and everything behind it is now see through, the defining moment when everything is made plain and you’re collecting the wages of thy sin, oh Ye shall of a man, we’ve had a great season, full of pain, joy and laughter, you pull me in oh so gently savoring every inch of thy building’s matters and Ye for once felt not an inch of insecurity within thy living quarters, then, instantly Ye release me to sleep with all of thy Fathers and Mothers before thee, alas, oh Ye shell of a man, welcome, thy first pull of me is always so heavy, oh how heavenly, baby don’t cry so sorrowfully, calm down and breath easy, now look, that’s mommy and nope that’s not daddy… Oh Ye Shell of A Man…. Selah



A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.



“Shell of A Man…” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2013, All Rights Reserved



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