When depression sets in, everything starts to spin out of control

What’s right is left,

What’s missing is felt & all that’s in the shadows with you is self……


I’m feeling exalted maybe a bit exhausted,

I lost it; but found me finding me looking at you……


Shit I’m clueless, answers to answer,

Such in a daze with questions for days

Vision clear but still see life in many ways……


When the depression sets in & everything spins out of control

Grab a hold on yourself

And don’t loosen your grip

When all else slips

Just tighten your grip

When depression sets in.



A: Poetic Thought By: Yow’ab.


“Depression” Is A Poetic Thought by: Yow’ab Ben-Yahweh © Copyright Musiqplug 2013, All Rights Reserved.


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