I'm Sleep Tho! Part. 21

Stick your head in a book….



Wood you consciously spar with some one with a stick in your hand, that is swinging an actual sword at you continually…? Well, I’ll give you a sec! Jeopardy Musiq…..


Iron sharpens iron, like words spoken in a conversations should sharpen each individual’s minds that’s partaking in the dialogue. Now, if in the midst of us talking, you feel as if I’m cutting away at you personally somehow, first off I apologize! I didn’t know that things that were said wood end up making you feel this way…. But at least it’s to no mystery what you are and what am I at this moment…


This will probably go over your head or you may feel like I just cut you… Oh well, you’ll just end up a sharp wooden spear from this point or pick a sword, I served my purpose…. I’m Sleep Tho! -Pip! ZzzZzzz…


The ZzzZzzz… was Brought to you By: PBVI Institute



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