If Tomorrow was Yesterday

“If Tomorrow was Yesterday…”



If Tomorrow was Yesterday…

Would you still wear that same face of discouragement knowing that you are reliving the past… While all of your heart breaks like shattered glass that has never left the surface… The same mistakes are being recreated, worthless and will you try harder or work less.


If tomorrow was Yesterday…

Would you wave to the people that held you back from your will and fill up all the empty seats with fans that’s unaware of your preassigned defeat… As they cheer you on with praises you sit and watch their faces indulge with excitement just to be overwhelmed by the let down.


If tomorrow was Yesterday…

I would be able to change my past by accepting my future and repeating the present moment twice… Then I can make time fly north for the winter… As we are awakened to dinner… The tables are set, but last night was a mess, so I’m thinking about what I ate tomorrow, so I can then be fully energized for today…


That’s if tomorrow is Yesterday…?



A: Poetic Thought By: Marvel



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