Trapped in a Maze

“Trapped in a Maze”



I’m trapped in a maze, wishing that it’s just a faze, maaaan… things were just much simpler back in the days, sanity came standard with the babes, there was no such thing as a bad date on Saturdays, she came fully equipped knew exactly what to say, all it took was a quick gaze in her eyes, then in love you’ll would engage, didn’t make you go psycho, when she missed her new cycle, now let’s turn the page to a day you and I know, need insurance on these girls, only got 15 minutes, will you cover me Geico, man she in it for the dough, probably creeping on the low, but why can’t I just let her go, you can fly a plane up in my nose, I say yes when I mean no, I snatched the key back to my heart, and I decide to close the door, I’m a man with pride, I had to get up off the floor, get on my feet and make a change, all up on the scene with a new friend, sipping champagne, toasting freedom with the kings, words gets back, now shorty is in pain, societal roles were exchanged, I was stalked, confronted and shot at close range, grazed by a bullet from the eagle, I played hide and go seek behind a Benz next to a purple Chrysler Imperial, I escaped the sniper’s scope with blood dripping from my head to my toe, she’s the hunter I’m the doe, ran by an old folk, that laughed and screamed, what goes around will come around once more, what did you do to provoke though, short of breath I exhaled I don’t know, but yo God’s grace is amazing I must say, although I’m a bit dazed, terrified by her gun play, I’ll recover, I’ve survived, she’s my baby, I still love her, the kings are yelling son that’s your foe, bro you got to let her go, maybe one day, but for now I’m still trapped in a maze…. Selah



A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.



“Trapped in a Maze” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2013, All Rights Reserved



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