The Perfect Storm

“The Perfect Storm”



They say too much silence can break any man’s spirit, lead them to over think their own thoughts and merit, head full of smoky black clouds in picnic weather, weakened by the lack of sun rays will make it hard for any other to see the latter days, as the heart beat pounds like thunder, and lightning strikes out with every blink of my lens, Ssshhhhhh, it got so dark and quiet, my pupil’s dilating, exterior’s silent as a string-less violin, while mix emotions create hot and cold wind, filled with the wages of good and sad thoughts swirling from within, enabling the blending of the two to create an overwhelming atmosphere which shakes the core foundation of the soul, oh…! the lower stomach is tied in to knots, the wind picks up and starts to swirl up and up, round and around, as a funnel of burden is formed all of the sudden, thus sending the mind and spirit to a panic state of emergency, with dry feet the parade is swarming, left and right in hysterics, trying to get by, I bumped into Faith and I asked her, hey I’m looking for Hope, have you seen Queen? all the while in the midst of the perfect storm, a brave woman and man stood there calmly, watching the brown eye of the hurricane un-alarming, alas as it starts to pour out rain in the form of tears, they smile with their eyes closed, hands clinched, savoring every fiber of the moment in their now drenched clothing, then right behind them I saw Hope, with a few shoves and pushes I ran and embraced her, then the turmoil was made plain, instantly the precipitation ceased, and the dark clouds estranged, the sun came out to the opening of their eyes, suddenly, in a clear palm beach like blue sky, spotted with a few white clouds a plane fly by, with a banner attached that reads “DRY YOUR EYES”. The Perfect Storm have passed….. Selah



A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.



“The Perfect Storm” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2013, All Rights Reserved




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