My Life

“My Life”



What are the sun, the stars & the moon?

Compared to the one I call “my life”……….

When she moves the wind shifts

With her every step just to comfort her path…….


It’s like sitting on rooftops in a gentle breeze,

With the sky pulled back just to get a perfect

View of heaven, while angels prepare a ceremony

To celebrate her grace; damn!!!!!!


Everything is in tune with the sweet melody of her voice

That’s why when she speaks, I move, not by choice, but by force…..

When she’s asleep all is still & the sun won’t rise until she’s awaken;

only then is all permitted to live……


I wish I could press rewind to find the day, month,

Year & time that this perfect harmony was created…

Because “my life” is truly amazing!!!!!!


Just like sunshine after the rain, glory after the pain,

Just to hear the syllables of her name…..

If she were to die tonight the earth will cease her spin;

Until her spirit have made its way safely to heaven!!!!!!


It’s a blessing just to be in her presence &

Her presence is the very essence of life itself

And that is why she is the one that I call “my life”!!!!!!


A: Poetic Thought By: Yow’ab.



“My Life” Is A Poetic Thought by: Yow’ab Ben-Yahweh © Copyright Musiqplug 2013, All Rights Reserved.



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