Misery Hates Loneliness

“Misery Hates Loneliness”

They say misery loves company, so I popped some corn and sadly invited her over for a bootleg movie, as soon as I opened the door she tried to slap me, so I greeted her with a frown, she thought she had me, at hello, shooked my head and said no, that easy, babygirl that’s unlike me, fortunately it was hate at first sight, harsh words started flying out the air like loose kites at the beach, Awww ain’t nothing like a good Ol’ fight, as we proceeded for the couch, Ouch!, stunned by a sharp bite I turned, and aloud I shout, Misery! what a bad way to start the night!, as my fury takes stride, took all my might to not withstand my fist from taking flight, sit down nowhere and don’t shut up alright, you better not take my advice, the popcorn’s cold and the DVD won’t stop skipping, she starts to flip, flop cause she took a sip and the soda was hot, I swat and blocked, as she proceeded to take an ice pick to my cold heart, strange, like a dog who attacks without a bark, we kissed and cold cranked, closed my eyes, still didn’t see no sparks, wasn’t on one Accord, we couldn’t get the Element of this romance to start our Civic duties and coupe up, not even wired on lust, so I started to fuss, pointing from a distance, you’re going to hate this, but I’ve had about enough, leaving you alone is a must, spending another minute of my existence in your presence is too expensive, I’d rather catch a bus that didn’t see me coming by stepping in front of it and softly whisper halt, she cracked a smile for the first time, and I cried,
a single tear that fell and burned a hole into my chest, that’s all I had left, I reached into my desk, and aimed, my hands trembling, get out my house I whispered before I repay you this debt, this very sec, the only company you’ll ever love is yourself. And that’s why Misery Hates Loneliness…. Selah

A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.

“Misery Hates Loneliness” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2013, All Rights Reserved