Triple A Series Part. 3

As an artist… you must train yourself to stay humble… No matter what the circumstances are… Keep yourself at ground level then you can see what’s in front of you… It’s Ok to have a personal pride setting that you only acknowledge to yourself, but never show it in public, people don’t like high egos.. They’d rather you earn the right of the bragging that you’re doing on yourself, and besides, a man that has to brag on himself is not really making moves, because if he is really making moves, it’ll be noticeable, others will take heed and support it… Remember that humbleness is key… I have over 10 projects, but you wouldn’t know if you didn’t read my bio because I don’t brag… No one is too good, and there is always someone better then you… Don’t set yourself up to look like a fool by an Unfed ego…



As An Artist… Triple A Series


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