Wait, Watch and See

“Wait, Watch and See”

Do the moon and the stars wait till night fall to call the sitter, get dressed and hit the galaxy in their illuminating garments, for this cause alone I need to pause and take a moment of silence, for all the midnight violence that have taken place underneath their presence, I’ve gazed and asked them so many questions all these years, yet they’ve made no comments, well besides telling me what month I’m in, my zodiac and a mouthful of directions, questions like, are we all just an act put on this earth for their amusements, could we instead be their celestial audience, do they come out just to look at us live episodes that makes them laugh or cry at primetime, do they flicker this rotating blue planet and surf through household after household to see what’s good on earth tonight, combing our cities looking for a good romance, sports or crime scenes, yeah it all sounds obscene, but then consider what it means to be in existence, all the sudden it doesn’t sound like such nonsense, when you call living on earth a game, a season or series of years, they live an average lifespan of 50 billion years themselves, they’ve seen ancient times, we can live past 100 years old, to them that’s still just a millisecond life story of a fetus that haven’t been told, so I ponder do the moon and the stars wait till nightfall to sit and watch us glowing like a television left on all night in a dark room gleaming, or is it only vice versa, well I guess we all have to Wait, Watch and See, after our Series Finally.

A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.

“Wait, Watch and See” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2013, All Rights Reserved


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  1. Anonymous

    Brap! I often wonder if we are ants in someone else’s world. Never looked at it from this perspective. Interesting view….I likey

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