The 4L Theory Part. 11

Being a lady gets you Queen treatment… You’re not a lady because you have the physical features of a lady, you are a lady when automatic respect is given to those physical features. Even when you’re not expecting love and respect, it is still well warranted, just by you being the most beautiful, most needed and on demand creature on this earth… That’s power! On the flip side, like any super hero, power can be abused and that’s when everything that’s meant to help you progress, will be the same things that’s holding you back in the end…


Being a lady holds many responsibilities, therefore, anything you do, eyes will be watching, either with a positive or negative view… Having unchecked insecurities about yourself only brings your spirit and equity down as an individual, you don’t have to physically be the sexiest or the prettiest to be a beautiful lady… Be yourself most of all, rather first of all love yourself, it’s easy to be yourself when you love yourself… What you do is what makes you who you are My Queens, be a lady…



Live Life Love Learn… The 4L Theory




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