Organic Food For Thought Part. 4

In life you must know when to judge and when to be that nice person… The reason I say this is because some people have that always be kind, accept people for who they are and don’t judge mindset…



To a certain degree, I do agree, but sometimes you can’t be nice, unless you know that person personally and even then, you can’t be nice if their not eligible for it. You just might set yourself up to be taken advantage of. Plus, you just can’t accept everyone that comes around you out of unfiltered obligations to being nice, you just may accept a demon in the process. At times you have to be judgemental, yeah I know, blah blah only God can judge us, but He’s not going to come down and judge every aspect of your life…



You have a responsibility to be responsible for your decision making process, to show mental strength and versatility… So when you feel a certain way about something or someone and its coming from your heart & spirit, then judge it… Because then you’re doing what’s needed of your survival, if what ever or who ever it is, got you feeling some type of way, then its worth judging. Put on your black robe, preside over the matter, grab your gavel and judge away.



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