Night Cap Part. 2

Carla Starr has a million views… she’s a star…? More like a recruiting star for satan’s next victim… he has many tricks my Queens don’t be deceived… That’s not even a falling star, that’s a shooting star; a streak of light in the night sky that looks like a star falling, but that is actually a piece of rock or metal (called a meteor) falling from outer space into the Earth’s atmosphere. Make a wish, wish her family well, can you even imagine the conversation at the thanksgiving dinner of the Carla Starr family… Nah you don’t think about that, you don’t care that She has family that’s hurt by her actions, nothing matters till it hit close to home and it’s one of your daughters, cousins, nieces, sisters, friends or neighbors.


GodNight Kings & Queens!



Night Cap… GodNight Human Beings 




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