Vessel of Your Vision

“Vessel of Your Vision”



I am only what you’ve made me and I have only what you gave me… You nourished and you’ve raised me, told me never to be lazy… I realize I have a vision, this vision carries a purpose… If I’m that vessel that’s not too hard for your teachings… then I am never to be worthless… And I’m obliged to be the one you choose to be a basket of your blessings, your know how’s and undefeated showdowns, I’ve never accepted credit of anything I do or any special means, because it’s all you, and I’m only small use… Better that then a big nothing, with rough texture… So I’m thankful for the gesture and I promise to be careful… And handle Your vision with care.



A: Poetic Thought By: Marvel



“Vessel of Your Vision” Is A Poetic Thought by: Marvel Saffold © Copyright Marlevous Thoughts 2013, All Rights Reserved.




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