Organic Food For Thought Part. 2

Its 3:38am at the time… Not sure what time you will read this, but I’m up thinking about life and how I’ve affected so many people in my life, good and bad… Realizing my importance specially to my daughter… I love seeing her face when I bring her something… One of those I know you got something for me Daddy faces… At this present moment, the thought of my importance makes me feel real good my Kings and Queens. Now, I hope that you yourselves can take a moment after reading this, to evaluate your importance in this world, and how you are affecting others in it, good or bad. Find yourself feeling good about the good, re-evaluate the bad, then make those bad’s good as soon as you can… Don’t be too hard on yourself though, you all you got in one lifetime.



Organic Food For Thought… Get OFFT!




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