Organic Food For Thought Part. 1

Reading is very valuable to a prosperous life…. Not just to prosper in life, but survival of life. This world moves by wisdom and knowledge. With that being said… this world has been in rotation a trillion times and times over with you being a part of its cycle, that’s power and power come from having knowledge and wisdom. That’s why you have to read, because others carry the knowledge and wisdom that we sometimes don’t possess, 9 out of 10 those people tend to write it down, as I’m currently doing myself, so when you explore my writings and others, grab it and take heed to it, then make it an addition to your current way of living and you will prosper…



Talking about Power and vision, this leads me into one of my favorite book to read… “The inspiration of power & vision” written by Dr. Miles Monroe… I read this book during my stay in South Carolina, the book was my G.E.D class assignment, but the book talked about vision; where it comes from, how to see and grasp it. It explains it from a mental, physical and spiritual stand point… Also, another favorite book of mines is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill… then there is “48 Laws of Power”… So forth & so on…


Remember reading is a brain exercise, start exercising…



Organic Food For Thought… Get OFFT!




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