If I...

“If I…”

If I knew every pieces of sand by name, I would be able to express my
thoughts in plain and tally how many of them are of you, I too would
believe in love passed the lust, passed the dust that you were formed and
shaped in, and I would long only to thrust deep until I reach your spirit passed
your heart, passed your soul, where we don’t get old, and time settles, let it be
told that I’ve traveled the seven seas and climbed the mountains peaks,
but yet I seek, if I could number the times you bat your lashes without
being distracted by your pretty brown eyes, I sure would cast my heart into
the sea of you and wait for the tides to wash me back to shore, if I…
(sigh) Selah

A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.

“If I…” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2013, All Rights Reserved


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