4 Embarrassing Moments of My Life Part. 1

Embarrassing Moments Part. 1



First Moment…



13 years old… We went to a party at my dad’s Godmother’s house… I took a crap in one of the bathrooms in the house and didn’t realize that the toilet was stopped up, got up and noticed it wouldn’t flush…. Dang! you should of seen that load boiiii… I got ghost so quick! lmao



Second Moment…



I was 9 years old I believe, when I got beat up by this chick name Tiniesha… I was talking sh*t to her, and I ain’t know that it was going to get physical like it did, specially since her peoples was right there at the time, which is why I kind of held back for the most part, but she was owning me left and right tho… Now she’s a Tom boy… Fast forward, it’s some years later, we staying in a whole other neighborhood altogether, and what do I see, Tiniesha beating up on one of my homeboys for doing the same thing… lmao it was all hood and funny too, since it wasn’t me this time, I got to enjoy it… I knew exactly what was gone happen to him the whole… He ain’t know better, and he definitely wasn’t ready! lol… but Sheesh… “Shorty”



Thank You for tuning in… Stay tuned for Part. 2! It gets real lol to be continued… -Marvel




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