The 4L Theory Part. 7

Another day has passed and left us to move on to the next, leaving behind everlasting memories, and brought along a fresh 24hours full of new mercy, new opportunities, new people to meet, new thoughts to process and new ideas to prosper with. Right now and forever I’m loving the skin I’m in, neglecting that feeling of betrayal from my people…



My people meaning all people that’s filled with love and righteousness. We live life for and with a purpose… God specifically placed all of us as living creatures with a vision to help carry out that purpose… And we are obligated to fulfill those purposes given to us by God..



Now you don’t have to… it’s your choice, but if you yearn for longevity in life then that is the best way to receive the favor of God.. Complete the mission and HE will protect you along your journey. It is HIS priority to… I mean how can HE neglect your need for something you are doing for HIM…



Therefore remember to just put God first before anything you’re doing in life, even if it’s on the negative side… God is God over light and darkness. Stay blessed Kings & Queens, always and I mean always, Love Yourself…



Live Life Love Learn… The 4L Theory




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