The 4L Theory Part. 6

Kings… Don’t be so quick to forgive yourselves even if think that your queen forgave you… remember that it is still bottled up inside of her, she just has the mental strength to endure it all, but she’s still hurt. Therefore, before you fully accept that she accepted your probably lame apology… Go out on a limb and do something special… Me, I prefer doing something that would show my appreciation, something to show her that I’m fully apologetic, without even being in her presence…



Key Words; Edible Treats, if you never heard of them Google it… Send a basket to her job during the middle of the day, so that when they arrive it’s when she’s busy thinking about other things, probably tired and aggravated thinking about you, or that co-worker that always gets on her last nerves…



Kings, I promise you it will make her week, on top of that it will bring a special spirit to her from her co workers… Imagine the feeling she will have the rest of the day… Definitely a forgiving gesture..


She will forget all about What ever you have done… Trust me kings! 4L it!



Live Life Love Learn… The 4L Theory




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