My Top 3 Best & Worst Moments in Life

First was when I seen my daughter come out the womb… it was like magic seeing my baby arrive… lol I thought her head was folded at first.. Love my babygirl

Markeriyah Jenay Saffold.



Second Winning MVP my freshmen year for JV football after winning the county Championship with 16 tds and 1 int. At William T. Dwyer



Third was when my mother said we were moving into our first house… Pool and all life was great then…



Nowww.. My Worst moments



First… Waking up in the hospital to the knowledge of being unconscience for hours after having to be airlifted to Jackson memorial, due to a tragic car accident where I lost a partner of mines…



Second… Falling 30 feet from a Coconut palm tree after being electrified for several seconds…At work… Life of king in the tree trimming business..



Third..Watching My mother take her last breath…literally



My 3 favorite and 3 worst moments in life.



I speak reality in my music, so if you listen to Ashes with an open mind you’ll hear those moments within the bars.



Thanks for tuning in, I share this with you to give you hope in your worst moments, that life goes on, to make the best of it and to let you know that we got more in common than not.



Live Life Love and Learn! The 4L Theory…




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