Word's the Word

“Word’s the Word”

Some think I am clever, others think that I’m dumb, now add that up, divide it by Idgaf and tell me what’s the sum, the darker the flesh the sweeter the plum, is that why diabetes took my peoples’ toes and a thumb???, ummm, simmer down, no, son, really… to me your opinions are like keys in the hands of a bum, 80’s baby, love my freedom paid with the blood of a King, yet I was born with an X on my back, so the Mal would shortly com, I probably would’ve been shot for rushing uncle tom with a bat, Pip you’re drifting, we see the shaft of your blade, but where’s the point at, open your third eye it’s in the kill, I’m the alpha males that thinks ahead and brings food for thought back to the pack, my entendres comes in quadruple doubles, like blacks that traps and get trapped in the trap with a strap that was strapped to his back with the crack in his crack, in due time he’ll do time, 10 times more than a white collar crime, how sublime that I rhymed all these words, that was scrambled all around in my mind, I premonise all the things I design like I’m pressing rewind, I thank God I’m not blind, I can hear, I can speak all His wonderful works done through me to the world, word’s the word… Selah

“Word’s the Word” A Pipoetry By: Randy Pipman (C) Copyright Pipoetry 2013 All Rights Reserved.

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