Who Goes There

“Who Goes There”

Knock, knock, open up your heart, let me in so that I can pitch and make my plea, we can be like 2 peas in 1 pod, then in our midst shall be the presence of God, I sigh, who knows what is with out first recognizing what wasn’t, you nod, I smile, can we not talk through your screen door, will you let me in so that I can seep through your pores and pour my poor soul all over you till I reach your core, where time doesn’t erode the codes of life, where sufficiency doesn’t beggot complacency symptomatic to a bore, the need to want more, to save and store, the itch to pay the fare and explore for that which is already there, put your hand over your heart and ask yourself, who goes there…

“Who Goes There” is A Pipoetry By: Randy Pipman ©Copyright Pipoetry 2013, All Rights Reserved.


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