Every waking day, I try to walk less and less of my own sightful guidance and more of God’s Directions.., through these laid out footsteps that was cast for me by the Almighty Director, way before this movie that I’m staring in called “LIFE” started filming.., produced by 2 amateurs, my low budget film was full of supporting casts and extras, playing their respectful parts on my main stage committing blunders, yet subconsciously influencing my every costly decision, from that which will then build up the plot of my film to a climax, a climax that once peaked, can only come trickling down towards the inevitable end.., WAIT A MINUTE!!!! STOP, CUT, CUT please take five everybody.., Cut the “CAMERA”.., instead I intend to go unscripted on this take and walk more of faith and a fool’s hope before the end of this motion Picture, for that a fools hope have no boundaries, a fool’s hope believe in life after these cameras stop recording, a fool’s hope believe in love, grace and mercy for the brother and sister acting next to me and since I’m a fool to believe in God, says the atheist, a fool for investing in my dreams to help others live their dreams, says the naysayer, I will continue to act a fool and improv, although the Director may yell it’s a wrap at anytime, my film shall have no end. Everybody silence on the set please.., Pip is going live! “ACTION!”



“Life, Camera, Action” is A Pipoetry Written by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2013 All Rights Reserved




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