10 Grand – Fully Loaded  track is basically a song about having confidence, getting what’s yours in Life and being humble while not taking S#%@ from anybody at the same time. If you know me personally or have ever met me in person–you know that’s 10,000% me! I have my days like everybody else, but for the most part, I’m always on 10 Grand! That’s the Brand.

Fully Loaded is a Lifestyle, it should be a Religion. The minute you start feeling less than, inadequate or depressed about something–change that train of thought, charge up and carry yourself with high esteem. Rediscover and re-energize that special thing about yourself. That’s my direct message to you.

Fully Loaded  was produced and Engineered by the Lake Worth Florida based Producer Lottery. Artwork by Pipvisions.com

10 Grand – Denim is an ideal; a state of mind, to be tough, consistent, durable and steady. We’re all cut from different cloths, I believe that I am cut from Denim. This song is a statement to let People know that I will continue to go hard for myself, my family, my friends which I consider my brothers and last-but-not-least–my fans and supporters. We all have that favorite pair of jeans or denim jacket that we’ve had for years. Wash after wash, it has withstood the test of time, still look good and fits perfect. Well, that’s me! Perseverance is the 10 Grand Brand.

Denim was produced by the Lake Worth Florida based Producer OubOnDaBeat, Featuring Fuego and Engineered by G-Money. When Life gets tough, put me on some Denim then put the necessary work in, you got itArtwork by Pipvisions.com

58 Bars Freestyle is a lyrical exercise from 10 Grand and YMP Artist Kell Young Gaup. This 3 minutes and 19 seconds track was produced by the Lake Worth Florida based Producer OubOnDaBeat. Kell and I both wanted to be consistent in painting visuals with our words on each of our verses. Like a journal of sort for how our daily lives plays out sometimes–both in and out of our respective environments. Basically what a Day in Life consists of–walking in our shoes.

58 Bars also touched on the Love and Loyalty that we both shared between our friends, which we refer to and consider them  our brothers. To the gritty lifestyle of being in the hood, to selling drugs in order to make ends meet–due to us being unemployed, from lack of opportunities out there for us folks that have felony charges in our past.

It’s not all bad, we also depicted our aspirations for pursuing success through our music, the means and the work that it’ll take for us to get up to the top. One Bar at a Time! 58 Bars Artwork by Pipvisions.com

— About Me —

10 Grand is a young Rapper, Songwriter and Visionary. One of South Florida’s most promising upcoming Artist. Fresh on the scene, he has already shared the stage with Hip-Hop Superstars such as: Rick Ross, Plies, YFN Lucci, Kodak Black and Zoey Dollars. His first EPAmbitionz Of A Husla is a critically acclaimed album.

Background and Early Life

Kenol Germain Philistin Jr., who performs as 10 Grand, was born on April 24, 1993 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. He is the middle child of three. His father, who was a college professor in Haiti, passed when Kenol was only five years old. As a result, he was raised by his beloved single mother. At the age of six, 10 Grand emigrated to the United States with his mom and his older brother to pursue the American Dream.

Fast forward — hanging around the wrong crowd would eventually get 10 Grand in trouble with the law. 10 Grand spent a two year sentence in jail and was on house arrest for another two and half years. While in jail, he went into deep introspection, self-evaluated and became a man; he elevated his perspective and matured during his 2 year stint. He realized that the streets was not for him, so he started to embark on a new journey–making smarter choices and choosing better friends.

In 2014, 10 Grand started to take his music more seriously. He recorded a remix on Webbie and Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down” instrumental, which drew a lot of interest. That song made many young producers offer him production opportunities.

Billy Ocean, his childhood friend, was the first person to have unwavering faith in 10 Grand’s potential. He convinced his older brother to listen to a couple of songs 10 Grand had recorded. It turns out, Billy’s older brother who had just created a label, Perception Empire Ent., was very impressed with 10 Grand’s music. He offered him a deal immediately. 10 Grand wasted no time; he got in the studio and begin to work on his first EP – Ambitionz Of A Hustla Vol. 1. The EP is a 6 track masterpiece, which features Rich The Kid and one of Miami’s popular rappers K- Kutta.

While recording the EP, 10 Grand started to perform locally. In his first major debut, he got the opportunity to open for Rick Ross. He also shared stage opening up for the following — Plies, Yen Lucci, Zoey Dollaz, and Kodak Black. 10 Grand is currently in the studio working on first album, which he hopes to gain national attention.

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