Loyalty for Stupidity


“Loyalty for Stupidity”

If I was, would you.
Although you’re not, should I stay true.
Could I invite you in with open arms, even though my intuition have sworn to me that it’s a coup.
Pipture me staring down your barrel weeping et tu, don’t shoot, like I’m Caesar facing you and the crew.
Go figure, you must be drowning in a pool of liquor like 4 cubes of ice no chaser.
Don’t make me laugh calling me friend, my Blackfoot is not native to getting stepped on by any Quaker.
No thanks, take your hand back, I’m not a shaker.
I’m a dreamer, but not a sleeper.
A believer, but I don’t believe yuh.
I’ll give you hell with that last breather.
Give me liberty to myself or give me death.
You can keep the rotting shell, but you can’t touch the Spirit that left.
Pure @#$hole, I’m always direct.
One chance to cross me, you won’t get a sec.
Go ahead, roll that dice, place that bet.
You’re in debt, you will pay the penalty.
Don’t you ever confuse Loyalty for stupidity, you descendant of Judas.
You’re not of my pedigree, vamoose.. Selah

A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.

“Loyalty for Stupidity” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved


Conscious Will


“Conscious Will”


Beautiful days end with rain
Lovin memories begin with pain
Always checkin ya aim
Maintaining the flame
A constant drain
But you have too, solid and plain
Comets and hail pits in steel
Enclaves short stays
Be clear you don’t know me
Only got three homies
We don’t talk much
We do a lot with little
This Kingship no riddles
Holy Batshyt he’s lyrical
As old Negro spirituals
Uplifting, talented, gifted
Moving out the hood
Taught me I didn’t have to steal
God forgave me for some shyt
I ain’t proud of
For that, I’m about love and forgiveness
Never seek man, man ain’t shyt
Ladies please don’t take this out of context
Those that lack loyal
Are the only one’s opposin me
No handle, God controllin me.


A: Poetic Thought By: Ronald T.


“Conscious Will” Is A Poetic Thought Written by: Ronald Thompson © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.


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I’m Sleep Tho! Part. 28


Psalms 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want…..
Huh…???!!! Oh ok so you’re quoting scriptures now…???


Yep! The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want a thing…..


You’re back with a scripture, so I’m guessing you believe, particularly in a fictional book written by a bunch of men with no proof of their so called God’s existence…


Yep! If that’s what you want to call it, I’m Sleep Tho….


King..!!!? For real for real!!! You can’t possibly believe this stuff!?? I mean, case in point, The Lord is your shepherd; You shall not want.??? Want what!?? What does that even mean, it’s nonsense, you know how many things I wanted that I don’t have, do you know how many things that I want now as we speak??. I’m sure there’s a ton of things you want, do you have them????


Ok, are you finished with your 2 years old tantrum?? let me know when you’re done, because first off, primarily, I know that you want to live, aren’t you living??? You need to breath when your lungs warrants air, aren’t you breathing as speak???


Ok, I’ll give you 1. Breathing is living, that’s 1 out of a Million other things that I want, I’m just saying, what about the rest of the Million wants that I have on my list, and that everyone else have, what if I want the same thing that you want, who gets it???!


Whoa, you’ve been thinking about this one for a while now huh? Well if you’d STHU I’d tell you! Yikes… Talm’bout if I want what you want who gets it… Smh…
Now listen, there is a thing call needs, and every living thing on this Earth and Universe have a need, all the principalities set have needs. Things that are seen and or unseen to the naked eye have needs. Can you see the CO2 and H2O in the air when the wind is blowing? Nope, but I know that the wind needs to move and circulate, it’s a needed desire of the elements to be, now it’s a fact that you get to see them when it rains and when things are on fire, which is pure reactionary to their original forms, and that my friend is the difference between your needs and your wants, your wants are reactionary to your needs, after you have all that you need, exercising those needs will yield what you want.
H2O is a need for life, cool-aid is a want that stimulates taste and cravings, when you need H2O to live you shall not want cool-aid, when you have plenty of H2O you can make cool-aid if you want.


When you’re choking and you need air to live, are you thinking about what you want? Nah try it, ask somebody to choke you then ask your self what you want before you blackout!?? Now back to the Verse from the fictional book, replace air with the Lord.




This will probably go over your head, but oh well, you’re probably one of those people that think that the verse is about jewelry, cars, clothes, houses and other superficial feces, then you go to wanting what other people is eating on their plate, till it’s to the point where you hate them for it, not knowing that it’s their needs that you’re lusting after, seeds needs to be planted to yield more seeds, organically or spiritually. Someone’s wants might be your needs. Now what happens when you eat your last seed huh?? What happens then you peasants!!??? You ask the Kings for welfare?!!! Keep eating your seeds you artificial daughters and sons of the morning, serve your purpose…. I’m Sleep Tho! Selah -Pip! ZzzZzzz…


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PipQuotables! 25th Entry





“29. And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind. 30. For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. 31. But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.” -Luke 12:29-31



Quoted By: Luke



“The Quotation Above” is the Intellectual Property of it’s Author. Under (c) Copyright Laws, All Their Rights Shall Be Reserved and Acknowledged.



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Night Cap Part.9

God will only give you what you ask Him for… If you pray for a bus ticket to get to work, but your co-worker is driving a brand new car that they prayed for, don’t hate them for it, just pray for bigger things. God got a lot more in storage for you then you’re thinking… Just pray outside of the box! Sleep on that.

Night Cap! GodNight Kings & Queens


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Night Cap Part. 7

When you pray, make sure that you mention God’s name and that your heart is purely on Him without any doubtful thought, because your prayer may travel in the wrong direction.. There’s 2 Gods; our God who sent his only begotten son to sacrifice His self for us and then there’s lucifer, the god of the under world.. So put GPS on you prayer.

Night Cap! GodNight Kings & Queens


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PipQuotables! 24th Entry





“Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
And I’m not stuffing, believe you me
Don’t you remember I told you
I’m a solider in the war on poverty
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
You gotta have something
If you wanna be with me.” -Billy Preston



Quoted By: Billy Preston



“The Quotation Above” is the Intellectual Property of it’s Author. Under (c) Copyright Laws, All Their Rights Shall Be Reserved and Acknowledged.



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Pay Attention


“Pay Attention”

My Vision doesn’t require vision, therefore I’m sitting here with both eyes closed visualizing what you’re not seeing, what I’m about to teach requires a transaction, my per diem comes with the best of my intentions, now pull out your debit card and pay attention, you can finance a house with today’s price for further education, Sallie Mae’s on both ends, reaching with both hands demanding her collection, now, what are your options? To be or not to be in debt to this Nation, nope! You’re sadly mistaken, living in Debt is the great American tradition, now which one of those investments will depreciate faster is the Question, hmmmm decisions, decisions, the credit system is broken, your currency is currently telling jokes, but no one around the world is busting out laughing, you’re basically trading your worthless dollars for Chuck-E-Cheese tokens, listen, they’re robbing you without a loaded Smith & Wessun, whoa, don’t shoot the messenger for telling the people about their current situation, Jehovah can You put me on Witness protection? Those who can hear let them hear exactly what I’m teaching, stop taking Pay Day Loans, that’s like paying for your expensive dinner then turn around and go wash dishes in the restaurant’s kitchen, oh, and by the way your card declined, you couldn’t even afford to pay my portion of this lesson, don’t worry about it my friend, I’ll write it off as a donation, but please, atleast Pay Attention. Selah

A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.

“Pay Attention” is A Pipoetry Written by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved






Caught up in rapture

A fuxxing disaster

Do what I have to

You can get captured

By tha dastardly bastard

Round Pharaohs and Kings

Usually keen

But liquid

When I sip it

On some pimp shyt

Long as my clique with

I rip shyt

in my zone from tha piff

I’m hitting like a brick

Thrown from the left

I’m switching

Dual clutch on deck

Public disruption

Compliment percussion

when I spitting I’m touchin

You talking bout nothin

Blackmoors were Muslims

Specializing in invasions

Known through the ages

We written in pages

That’s not what they teaching

Cause its told be the victor

Many strayed from God

That down fall was hard.


A: Poetic Thought By: Ronald T.


“Par” Is A Poetic Thought by: Ronald Thompson © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.


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Dreams of A Slave


“Dreams of A Slave”



I ate good this particular night, afterwards I brushed my teeth.. I kissed my daughter on the cheek,
And I whispered…
“Daddy got you” very softly, then I crept away making sure not to cause her to wake…
The heat game had just gone off,


but I soon forgot the score, because at the time my mind was lost…


in the matrix of stardom…


Well, you see…. I was once told that; whatever that you think about before you close your eye lids in the midst of that long awaited and well needed slumber….
That’s what you will dream of…
Thing was…
This thought had become my everyday motivation to grind…
This thought was about that dotted line I had hoped to sign…
That shine I yearned to find. Those charts I planned to climb… all in due time…


Without notice I snoozed off…


Immediately I was in the office of a major record company… After exiting this fancy limo…
As I sat, I heard the exec. Say “Son we like your demo.
Just dumb it down a little mo’!”


lol really..!


Was my thought, but I came this far and fought, no way this deal gets lost…
I agreed with speed not realizing the greed that has taking place indeed…


That’s when he started to proceed…


“try to keep it street..
I know your sense of consciousness is unique..
But we’ve created a system that has worked for years and it targets your peers this is how you will eat…”


Suddenly my hunger started to die down


But I have worked so hard that I wanted to shine now…
That was my state of mind.
So I complied…
Time went on and my fame grew… #1 on the charts and 106 and park…
All from repetitive hooks and a few simple bars,
Boy it sure isn’t hard to be a star…




Now I got fame but I feel strange…. It’s like there was a leash on my brain..
Righteous thoughts now came from a strain, yet I put my 7 months tour in place for the blame. But it was blain that I’ve gained…


Now my peers started telling me I’ve changed…


I guess I got blinded behind the chains big name..
Didn’t realize I was in chains, so lame…
I seen my record go platinum..
But I spent my advance…
I was starting to go backwards, now reaching with an open hand….


Now curiosity sets in…


Yet still I’m like fuck it…
I’m signed I’m not local any more..
But I’ve become a puppet…
All of my royalties went to lawyer fees..
After touching the hands of many…
But never touching mines, actually, I didn’t see a penny..
And the excuse I heard in these exact words were…”in this game your either a server or you’ll get served…”
Anger started to surge
But what can I do…
I done signed my life away being to anxious to lose..
Now another album dropped, but this project was a flop…
I tried cleaning my mess, but forgot 2 sweep before I mopped… and all of sudden my career was mudded.. Damn, how I get mutted when I supposed to be a big dawg….


I was fooled….


I was used… I was confused with nowhere to move I was backed in a corner and every time I tried to escape the chain got tighter… and tighter…
Mentally I felt like I’ve been whipped ass necked totally disrespected…


I hope this is a lesson to all who claim the lost dreams of fame…
Independence is the key
That’s how your thoughts will remain untouched and your mind will be free…


then I heard “daddy wake up”




Dreams of A Slave…



A: Poetic Thought By: Marvel



“Dreams of A Slave” is a Poetic Thought by: Marvel Saffold © Copyright Marlevous Thoughts 2014, All Rights Reserved.


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