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The concept of this mixtape came to me at a moment in my life where I was thinking about my life’s purpose. I tried to find some meaning to life. I started to question: “If I were to go today, what would my legacy be? Would “legacy” even be attached to my name? Would anyone even bother to know my story? Would there even be a story about me? Fundamentally, I believe that everyone is born for a purpose. I told myself ‘I can’t go out like this.’ I told myself: If you’re going to die, why not die fighting for a cause? Why not die doing what you love? Those questions repeated constantly in my head. The title suddenly came to me: Viv Pou Mouri; Mouri Pou Viv – Live To Die; Die To Live.
Unlike most people, I accept that death is a natural and normal cycle. We were born, we will die–one day. But what is death? To me, death is a final chapter. Reflecting on both life and death, I began to think how could I find the point where they meet. Suddenly, the word immortality came to mind.
Viv Pou Mouri; Mouri Pou Viv – Live To Die; Die To Live. I decide that’s how I was going to live the rest of my life. I was going to live my life with a purpose. I want to leave an imprint in the world when I die. I want to leave something that will inspire generations thereafter. I want my name to be remembered. I want people to talk about me and what I did here on earth. Somehow, I will reincarnate. I believe many kids will draw inspiration from my story. They will look at the lyrics I wrote and try to find  deeper meanings. 
I usually don’t write with a lot of metaphors because I want my lyrics to do exactly what I want them to do. My lyrics are calls into action. Therefore, let them inspire you to take action in doing what’s positive. Positivity, that’s the path I mostly travel. I look at the world around me, I read, I write, I question, I pray, and I speak. Viv Pou Mouri; Mouri Pou Viv – Live To Die; Die To Lie — first solo project I released in 2013. It’s a 14 track album in which I speak my mind on many  topics. 
From love, pain, to death and celebration of life, hip-hop, political and social issues, this project covers it all at the highest level. Throughout VPMMPV I illustrate incredible images. But most importantly, what I offer is a call to action, which is to challenge us to change the way we live and treat each other. Be the change we want to see in the world. -OZMS
Oz’Mosis – Viv Pou Mouri; Mouri Pou Viv [Mixtape Credits]
  • Featuring: Who?
  • Produced By: Tony Drumzz
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Who?
  • Photography By: Who?
  • Artwork By: Who?
  • Genres: Hip Hop, Creole Rap, Music
  • Released: When?
2017 OZMS Ent./ PMG/ MP Amp