Sunday night, I went to the studio to work with J Wizzle on my Black Bourgeoisie EP that I’m releasing next month and something magical happened. Lately, I have been paying more attention to energy. I have become more aware of my own energy and the energies of others that I’m surrounded by. I have come to believe that energy has a tremendous impact on our day to day activities.
It was five of us at the studio, me, J Wizzle, Jeff Marley Jacques AKA Prez, Will Level Up, and Jack Osirus AKA Young Osirus. The energy was extraordinary. Before I began my session, we started talking about the recent situation in Haiti and how we felt about it. The conversation was so passionate, we decided to document it.
Needless to say, I went there to finish a song that I’ve been working about Haiti. In the midst of our conversation, the consensus was, we do a song to express ourselves of the unrest that caught everyone off guard. Wizzle put on a beat and Will Level Up started to recite a hook—“Peyi’m mande la paix/ plis tet ansanm/ sispann boule kraze brise”. I gave him the signal to get in the booth. I wrote my verse. We recorded the song. Right after we got done recording, we shot some visuals for it on the spot. This is the first time, I wrote a song in the studio, recorded it, and shot a video for it all at once, the same day. 
We feel very comfortable with the final version of the song. But we are leaving it to the people to decide whether they fuck with it or not. To us, we just want to express our frustrations of Haiti constantly in the news for what most people who consider negative.
My verse is pretty much straight forward. I opened up with the line “nou bezwon solisyon”, meaning Haiti needs a solution. To me, this is the only thing that matters at this point, “a solution”. It’s time to put our personal agendas aside and focus on getting Haiti on the right track. That should be our only mission, regardless if you’re black or mulatto. We have to see ourselves as one. This Petion and Desalines beef, we need to kill it because it’s only moving us backward. Haiti belongs to all us; therefore, it should be good for all of us. We all need to look at ourselves and see how much we have contributed to Haiti’s current health complication and what can we do to get her back healthy. This song is just the beginning of my renewed mission to stand and fight for Haiti. I’m interested to meet with anyone who loves Haiti and wants a better and a more peaceful Haiti.
The song was recorded at JW Film and Music Group Studios. Engineered and Mixed by the TJ Wizzle. Artwork was created by Pipvisions.com
Various Artists – La Paix [Oz’mosis, Will Level Up, Prez]
  • Produced By: Zoeklobeats
  • Original Vocals: Rodley Madeus
  • Recorded At: JW Film and Music Group Studios
  • Mixed and Mastered By: TJ Wizzle
  • Artwork By: Pipvisions.com
  • Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Compas, Music
  • Featured Project: Black Bourgeoisie EP
  • Released: 7-14-2018
2018 Zoeklo Records/ OZMS Ent./ MP Amp

La Paix | Oz'Mosis Lyrics

Oz’Mosis Verse:
La Paix – Oz’Mosis, Will Level Up, Prez
Peyi’m mande la paix
Plis tèt ansanm
Sispann boule kraze brize
Haiti mande m la paix
Plis tèt ansanm
Sispann kraze kraze brize
Oz’mosis Verse:
Nou bezwon solisyon
Si nou tout pou Ayiti
Fòn gon sèl pozisyon
Si nou kanpe pou Ayiti
Nap Panse pou Ayiti
Paka gen opozisyon
Epi Sa se pwòp opinion
Nou pa ka gen 2 vizyon
Paka gen divizyon
Sa se deziz nou
Donk fòn pron desizyon
Pou blan sispan Chita
ap pran plezi sou nou
Mwen ta renmen konnen
Pou Ki Yes nap goumen
Pa boule tout pou mwen
kite tirès la Pou’m jwenn
vye bouyay sa
dechoukay sa
Kisa‘n panse lap mennen
Beef deadline sa
Ak Petion sa
Ki Yes Nou panse kap genyen
Vye Pwoblèm sa bezwen yon revolisyon
oubyen Nap bezwon revolisyon