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I find Kansè (Cancer) a groundbreaking collaboration of music and art where Richard Cave of Kaï and Rutshelle Guillaume fit together perfectly and complement each other’s voices. I loved the song the very first time I heard it. It spoke to me profoundly and I could not stop listening to it. As a result, I decided to pen a verse to transfer some emotions. I decided to make you, my fans, feel my pain.
First thing that stood out to me was the concept of the song. After the breakup of one of the best Compas bands of modern time, CarimiCompas, fans did not know what to expect from the irreconcilable group members. Cave’s deep love for music was very apparent as he was the first of the three leaders of the band to ensure the continuation of Carimi’s popular sound. In less than a year, he reintroduced himself with his own band, Kaï and a smash hit, Malade (Sick). Although, Malade did not reveal his sicknessKansè, was the illness he was singing about.
To compare any type of love to cancer is a serious matter, hence why I was moved to share my own Kansè. I wanted to paint a very despondent picture for all to see. I wanted to release the emotions of a lover who is in despair;fighting a rare disease that offers no hope. How many times does one love someone we know for sure is killing him or her? They say there are a billion ways to die, so I chose one 
The song was recorded at Tony Drumzz Studios. Engineered and Mixed by the Piph. Artwork was created by Pipvisions.com
Oz’Mosis – Kansè…Cancer [Unofficial Remix Credits]
  • Produced By: Kaï
  • Original Vocals: Richard Cave of Kaï, Rutshelle Guillaume
  • Recorded At: Tony Drumzz Studios
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Tony Drumzz
  • Artwork By: Pipvisions.com
  • Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Compas, Music
  • Featured Project: Reverse Oz’Mosis Remixes
  • Released: 6-24-2017
2017 OZMS Ent./ PMG/ MP Amp

Kansè...Cancer | Lyrics

Oz’Mosis Verse:
Kijan de Kansè ki la
Sa son Kansè ki ra
Malgre’w lakoz mwen malad
kouche nan Kaï byen mal,
ka’m grav,
Doulè nan kòm ,
ap tann lanmò’m
Ou menm ou byen Vag
Ak yon Vieux Carlo, Wap byen Vayb
E sa pa enpeche’m toujou renmen tankou yon drug,
m konnen k pa bon pou mwen
Men sa pa anpeche m anvi genyen w koulè ou banm, lè’m pran w
se Sak fè de jou an jou m vin pi renmen w Ou ka fè m sa’w fè Roodboy la
Turning a nigga out
M pap fè’w sa Roodboy fè’w la
Even if you cheat on me or not
Now everybody wanna hit
They wanna skit skit in you face
Even the dikes wanna a taste
And now you’re saying fuck the #dutches
You want you some #whiteboyz
But you do ’em no justice
Cause you got toys