Rodly Madeus, professionally known as “Oz’mosis”, is a Haitian-American creator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist — an educator, a veteran rapper, writer, songwriter, scriptwriter, and content developer. He’s one of the most acclaimed Creole Hip-hop artists of all-time.
Born in Lesterre, Department of L’Artibonites Haiti, of two parents who are originally from Jean Denis. By nature, Oz’mosis is from Jean Denis. That’s the home he has ever known growing up in St. Marc, before moving to Palm Beach County, Florida, United States.
“Hip-hop found at me an early age and saved my life. Unfortunately, it took me years before I realized how great Hip-hop has been to my life, which my music career suffered great deal because of that lack of appreciation for my savior”, Oz’mosis looking back. Before the gifted lyricist knew the existence of Hip-hop, he was already writing poetry. Hence, I was an easy process to turn his poems into rap verses at the age of 11.
From a young boy, Oz’mosis was already looking at his world with a critical eye. Both of his parents left him when he was just an infant, moving to the United States for more job opportunities. Like many other kids who had the parents residing in the the Diaspora, Oz’mosis experiencee child abuse and witnessed some horrific things that kids should never get exposed to. “My childhood has shaped me into the person that I am today. I would not change anything even if I could”, said Oz’mosis. He also believe he would not be the artist that he is today if he did not suffer the pain that he suffered during his adolescence. The pain has made him stronger  person and has taught him a lot about life. Through his suffering, he has learned how to be a problem solver. That’s why the majority of music is about a issues in his life, his community, and country.
Growing up, Oz’mosis always heard that education can take someone far in life. He made it clear to himself that he was not going to be a product of his environment. Therefore, he took his education seriously. He immigrated to the United States when he was 14 to reunite with his parents and further his education. After graduating from high school in 1999, Oz’mosis desired a higher education which resulted in him earning a degree in Political Science while maintaining a minor in Africana Studies from the University of Central Florida in 2005.
since a child, he loved to be around elders to hear them talk politics, relationships, and life in general, which initially gave him the wisdom and the knowledge he needed for his own growth and development. He always asked questions. As a result, Oz’mosis developed strong critical thinking abilities. He displayed an interesting intellectual capability that was unfamiliar for most of his peers.
The first time Hip-hop spoke to Oz’mosis was in his native language Haitian-Creole. That’s why till this day, Oz’mosis still comfortable rapping in Creole after living in the United States for most of his life. The founding father of Haitian Hip-hop, Master Dji, made Oz’mosis fall in love with the art form when he watched his video “Sispann”.
After high school, he started taking his music more seriously.  He kept his lyrics in Haitian Creole although he had assimilated the American culture. In 2000, he decided to create a Haitian Hip-hop group with a few high school friends. The group was called “Sky’z Da Limit (SDL)”. The group released its first album Haiti: Love & Politics in 2001 with the mega hit “Ki Yes Ki Responsab“. The group toured the whole state of Florida, its colleges and universities, and performed at every major Haitian music festival in South Florida. The performance at the Compas Fest in 2004 earned the group recognition on the front page of the Miami Herald.
“Sky’z Da Limit” released its sophomore album Afrikayiti in 2006. The follow up album had several hits such as “Nouvèl Haiti“, “Nan Lari A”, “Pou Yo” featuring Compas legend Gazzman Couleur, and “Ou Pa Sou Anyen” with Rockfam and Masters Of Haiti. Shortly, after the release of the album, some of the members took a break to focus on their personal lives. Throughout the years, the group being inactive, Oz’mosis continued to do collaborations with other artists. He also ghostwrote for many artists and bands in the Haitian Music Industry. He has also contributed to the success of two Haitian films. He co-wrote and had a role in Puissance De La Foi. He edited the script of Un Monde Separe as well playing a significant role.
In 2012, Oz’mosis decided to pursue a solo career and released his first mixtape: Viv Pou Mouri – Mouri Pou Viv. The mixtate did extremely well on the Haitian Hip-hop world. It had many buzzing songs, including “Kisa’k Yon Gangster”, “Depoze Mikwo”, “Mete Pou Yo” and “Forever” featuring Louino. Oz’mosis released a video for all the songs mentioned here, plus the album title track – Viv Pou Mouri – Mouri Pou Viv. However, Oz’mosis believes the mixtate would have done a lot better had it receives more love from the media. To solve that problem, he created the multimedia HMI Buzz in 2014, to give exposure to artists like him who wanted a media outlet to express themselves and share their worldview, as well as their talent.
Now that he has his own legitimate platform, Oz’mosis is getting ready to release his next project – a seven track EP entitled Black Bourgeoisie, which is due this Fall. The EP is to get Creole Hip-hop fans ready for Oz’mosis’ Haitian-American Experience album which has already been recorded.