Down goes the Water Girl!!!!

It all started when I decided to be a water girl for the football team at my school (John I. Leonard), crazy right I know ! Oh let me tell you there were some cute football players there *smiles*. It was a very challenging job because I had to put out their jerseys and make sure they were in numerical order, good thing was I wasn’t alone. I had my friend Ashley to help me, we had to wash their NASTY JERSEYS as well and they did not smell to good. I got to travel with the team to their football games, they treated me like their little big sister and we were all family in a strange way. I cheered them on at the games, I had custom made shirts for my friend and I. I really knew they considered me as family when my birthday came around, one of the coaches bought me a strawberry shortcake cake; I decided to share the cake with the team, it was a surprise to them. But to my surprise they already knew and they started singing happy birthday to me and it was great! Everyone at my school knew me as Kendall the water girl, strangely I started to become a little popular well, and lets just say well known. I never thought that I be the water girl for a football team but once I got used to it didn’t bother me as much . There were times when I got really upset with the players, some of them started to become disrespectful but once I showed them the side they have never seen before. They eventually apologized and they became more respectful towards me, some defended me when they saw that one of the football players were being disrespectful, which was really nice and sweet.

The most horrible thing that could happened to a water girl for the football team.

The football team had an away game so we set everything up such as the water, the water bottles. So my friend and I decided to go to the concession stand before the game started. When we got there, there were crowds of people but no one in line so we were first and the lady at the stand asked, “what would you like” and soon as I said GATORADE I felt like something really HUGE hit me in the back of my right leg, it was a golf cart, so I ignored it. People were asking if I was okay I said, “yes I’m fine”  then the cart driver hit me again but this time my knee went right and hit the concession stand wall which was concrete and the people around were saying screaming for him to stoppppppp, when he finally did and they rushed to me saying, “are you okay” I replied, “I don’t know, I’m just in complete shock right now”. The thing is, his golf cart didn’t make any noise so I didn’t know he was even behind me to begin with .The lady from the concession stand told me she’s going to file an incident report and call my mother. She put ice on my knee and I went to one of the coaches who considers me his daughter, limping and he asked me what’s wrong and I told him and oh my gosh, the expression on his face was not pretty. When the rest of the football team found out they were furious and wanted revenge, I assuaged the situation and said OH MY GOSH, NO, calm down!!

Even more amicable, was one of our players who was already hurt from one of the previous games that had crutches, he was like “here Kendall take these”, I said,” no, I’m fine” and laughed out loud, mind you he’s about 6’3″, those extra long crutches wouldn’t even look right on me, they issue crunches out to you by your height and I’m only 5’1.

As time went on, everyone was very much still concerned about my well-being, telling me be to careful, and sit down, I said no, because it’s just my friend and I, she cant handle this task all by herself. All the while, I didn’t truly know what was really wrong with my knee. I’m just going on filling up the water bottles. Then the lady comes over to me and said I talk to your mom and she’s very upset, which is expected. During the game I’m nervous, shaking and most of all confused. So after the game we got on our way to get on the bus, which then I should have known that something’s really wrong with my knee because I couldn’t even put my foot down on floor to walk the steps. To my rescue was the good friend that I have, she allowed me to put whole right leg on hers the whole ride. When I got off the bus, which took me forever, because I was limping just to get by, I started to cry, because the pain was so excruciatingly bad, to make matters worse, I had to take the ACT the very next day, early in the morning. The football coach came up to me and if i wanted to go to the hospital I declined. He was trying to convince me that I needed to, but I repeatedly said no. My mom came there furious of course, she was really mad that someone’s carelessness got me hurt, so I calmed her down and we went home.. I was screaming the whole time, saying ma I cant put my leg down and I certainly can’t pull off my own pants, because I was just in so much pain. When I finally got them down my knee was swollen like a baseball, it was every color you can imagine purple, green, blue I was next level crying when I saw that!!!

Finally, I was told that I had to go get physical therapy for my knee, but before that I had to get an MRI done on it. That was very nerve wrecking for me, because I never had to do such thing before . when I got my MRI results, the therapist told me that I had a torn muscle around my knee, which is my meniscus,  he said that when my knee impacted the wall from the hit, he described that the swelling was an immediate reaction from the torn meniscus. I had to go to physical therapy for two days out of the week or more at times and I was issued a knee brace. The whole situation got even more grave when the therapist said to me “Kendall, you are going to have problems with your knee later on life, pretty much for as long as you live“ my reaction to that was more crying!! All of this, because a stupid kid on a golf cart carelessly hit me, now I’m going to have early arthritis problems!!! Well, the therapist was right, because as we speak I have to wear a knee brace no matter what I do, I can still run, but not for long. because when I do, I start to feel real sharp pains in that knee or if I sit down certain ways for long, I get the same sharp pain.

I’m telling you all this story because this is a serious case and it’s not a joke, I practically got hit by a car . -Kendall the “Water Girl”

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A: Cover Story By: Kendall Jones

“Water Girl Down” is Written by: Kendall S. Jones  for Musiqplug.com

Editorial Review by: Randy Pipman

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