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Born In Palm Beach County Florida in 1983 on December 30, Raised in Riviera Beach Florida (Da Raw)  I started writing music in the sixth grade… but at the time, I wasn’t concentrated on my music..more like football and basketball which I was playing in an organized league since I was five or six so my skills was at times better then the kids in my age range so I was connected to the game in a way that some other kids wasn’t A the time I was also in love with my artistic abilities such as my drawing skills….In school I used to draw pictures and sell em for a Quarter you know make some Lilly dilly money lol.. All in all I was and still am multi talented and I’m just a person that try to take advantage of the fact but over the years it tended to slow me down,due too not put that 100% in too one thing I spread myself too thin… Over time I’ve grown to realize that I need to concentrate on one thing and ease through the others so I decided to do my music. My patients over the years help me too become the artist that I am today.

I remember the first time I recorded a song. I was in the seventh Grade and I forgot the occasion but one day my lovely mother Pamela Marie Sephes (R.I.P) came home with a karaoke machine… Now I was able to record but I did not have a track so….I turned on the microphone,sat it on the dresser,put a bland tape in side 1 and recorded myself beating on the dresser the mic was on..lmao when I think about it but hey that determination got me with over 8 projects on the streets of Palm Beach independently produced and now networking with the big boys so I’m happy but not satisfied so the grind must continue U DIGG!

At times some may hear say that I am a pioneer in the city…When I say that its not me saying I’m who other artist should listen too or I’m better then those who started after me.. It really speaks on the overall work I’ve put in over the years……

Solo Projects:

  • 1.”How I Live Is How I Live” 2000- 2001  Indie
  • 2.”Da Game Dun Flipped” 2002-2003  (Tripple Gold Ent.)
  • 3.”Thugz Cant Cry” 2004
  • 4.”I Am Da 1″ 2005- 2006
  • 5.”A Legend’s Dream” v.1,2  2007
  • 6.”Da Wake Up Mixtape” 2007
  • 7.”Back On Dat G Shyt” Da Mixtape 2008- 2009
  • 8.”Welcum 2 My Wurl” 2010-2011
  • 9.”I’m Gone Dumb…I Need A Tutor” 2013
  • 10. “Ashes L.P” 2013

Compilation Involvements:

  • 1.Tripple Gold/ Dubz City
  • 2. Blood Related/Bloodline $
  • 3.Digi Ent./ Streets Affiliated v.1,2


  • 1. Fuckn wit me (Back an dat g shyt mixtape)
  • 2. My hood (promo)
  • 3. I’m bout dat ( I’m gone dumb…I need a tutor da mixtape)
  • 4. Out da ghetto ft. Go Getta Committee /coming soon
  • 5. Clothes Off ft. J Melod /coming soon(I’m gone dumb…I need a tutor mixtape)
  • 6. All da way up 561 ft. J mo/coming soon (I’m gone dumb…I need a tutor da)
  • 7. I’ll be lien ft. Ace /coming soon(Welcum 2 my wurl)
  • 8. Slip /coming soon (Welcum 2 my wurl)
  • 9. Smoke ft. Swerv/coming soon (I’m gone dumb…I need a tutor)
  • 10. Father’s Days
Now I’m focused Through all of the heart break, blood sweat and tears..all of the bullshyt from fake ass people I mistakingly placed in my life…I still do me and I am good believe dat homie and home girls. I recently changed my name to Marvel which is my actual first name and I make Young Dream an AKA but both names had their on purpose… Young dream was influenced by the thought of me being a young man with dreams, but over the years so much has happened to let me know that this is not a DREAM! Time to wake up to reality and realize that tihis world moves faster then what you think with or without you… But I love all of my fans and followers and I not only hope, but I pray that you support me. because I deserve it and if you listen to my music, you will see that I put in 100% grind and i will not stop even when my casket drop.

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