Born January 15, in the island of Jamaica. As a teenager my family and I moved to Montreal Canada then soon after we moved to Toronto. Now residing in the beautiful sunny state of Miami Florida I’ve learned to appreciate the different sounds of music from different cultures. Hearing different beats and voices of music alone intrigued me. I knew I had to play with it a little. A little became a lot and now became a hobby I can’t stop even if I tried…music runs through me as an expression of many things I would love to say and what I think people would love to hear. So, as the people get to know me all I ask of you is keep your beautiful minds open and come enjoy this musical journey with me.
My mission is to bring the world together through music. Using my exposure, my voice and my music for the children, those that don’t have a voice in my country in the first phase, then worldwide. It’s very ambitious but where there’s a will there’s a way I have the will. I love, voice, music, fashion and film, the performing arts. Sports, any sports, love it!!!